Aside from consulting, we also offer training in a very wide variety of IT, and digital marketing related verticals. We can teach you, or your employees, anything from Social Media Marketing, using all of the major social networks, or social bookmarking sites, to basic computer skills, or even video production. We also offer programs specifically designed for seniors, to make sure they get the extra support they need while navigating the often confusing world of technology. Lastly, we offer training for video production services, to help you create stunning, and powerful videos for your business (or for individuals).

All of our training programs are offered at a flat rate of $95/hour. We have the following programs available for you to choose from:

Website Development:
Suitable for people with or without prior experience or knowledge

Video Production:
For businesses, websites, or online marketing

IT Coaching:
Excellent for people with or without IT experience, seniors, or anyone else who wants to learn the basics of the world of computers and technology.