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TechMaster offers every service a business needs for IT, Web Development, Digital Marketing and more. TechMaster will propel your business to the next level, by making sure you get absolutely everything which you need to succeed. We offer a wide variety of services, from Mobile Application Development, to Cloud Consulting, all the way to Search Engine Optimisation and Full-Service Digital Marketing.

No matter what your business needs to move forward, we can work with you to make sure it happens, and happens on time, and within budget. Navigating the world of technology can be a difficult task, and of course, you’ve got your own business to run. Let us help you with the technology, so you can stay focused on whatever’s important to your business.

Below is a list of services which you can begin taking advantage of today:



Search Engine Optimisation

Getting your website to the top of powerful search engines such as Google, Yahoo, and Bing, is no longer underestimated by business owners all over the world. However, very few business owners really know how to get their website into powerful, high-ranking positions. and what’s worse, search engines such as Google are consistently changing their algorithms, so SEO becomes a consistently changing field.

We make sure to stay fully up to date with the ever-changing world of Search Engine Optimisation, so that you don’t have to. We offer both On-Page, Off-Page, and Full Service SEO services, of various different packages, so that whatever you’re looking for, we have a package which will suit your business’s individual needs. We offer both one-time payment type packages, as well as consistent, monthly services which will allow us to increase and maintain your search engine rankings month after month. Take advantage of our SEO services today, and start enjoying much more targeted free traffic.

We have several packages available to suit any of your business needs…. Click Here to and see which one is best for your business.



Digital Marketing Services

Online Marketing can be anything from Pay Per Click ads that people see on Search Engines like Google, to ads on Facebook, or even Banner ads. It’s how people find your website online. People don’t just stumble on your website accidentally you have to guide them to it, and Marketing is the best way to do that, This can also be through Video Marketing, E-mail Marketing, Mobile (SMS) Marketing, and Social Media Marketing (SMM). Furthermore, it can also include things such as creating you certain products such as eBooks or mobile applications which we then advertise for you to bring in countless new customers and clients. To make sure you have what you need, we offer nearly every type of online marketing service, and with several different packages.

If you’re simply looking to acquire a quick burst of traffic, we offer one-time packages which will send visitors to your website or landing pages immediately. If you’re looking for more consistent monthly packages, then we have those available as well. Packages start at $270 for a once off or a ongoing optimisation services for your website and social media and packages can go up to $370 per month if you’re seeking Premium and consistent service. Take advantage of the power of digital marketing today.

We offer nearly every type of Online Marketing service available. Click Here so you can see which packages will best suit your business’s needs.



Mobile Application Development

Regardless of what vertical your business is in, or what you require as an individual, any type of mobile application you require can be made for you, Whether you have an innovative new idea for an app, or you want to create a smart tool, a video game, a communication tool, an info sharing tool, a learning tool, or anything else, TechMaster will handle all of your mobile development needs. We have a dedicated team who will work with you to assess your needs, and create the application which suits you best. Our development costs start as low as $500, but we can take on even the largest Mobile Development projects.

Mobile technology is growing at an astoundingly rapid rate, and there’s no reason you or your business need to get left behind. Let us help you stay up to date, and assist your clients or customers by helping you to create the mobile technology which they require.

Use the contact form to reach out to us now, and we’ll work with you to assess your needs, find what works best for you, work with your budget, and provide you with a quote accordingly.



Full Service Website Development

If you require a new website, whether it’s for your business, a new product, or for any other reason, allow us to help you by building you up a website from scratch. Our team of web developers include top coders who can make sure your site is always performing correctly, and consists of all the desired functionality, to make sure your new website does everything which you need it to.

Further, our team of Usability experts will ensure a smooth user experience, to make certain that your website visitors are able to easily navigate your site, and get what they need from it, totally hassle-free.

Our websites start at only $500, and we offer a stunningly fast turnaround time of two weeks or less. (prices and turnaround time vary based on the complexity of the project, e.g, how much coding is required). Let TechMaster take responsibility for your next website, and rest assured, you’ve placed the task into the capable hands of true professionals in this business.



Online Store Development

If you have any experience within the eCommerce field, you know how utterly important it is to have a store which easily guides your buyers through the process of purchasing products and services through your site (as opposed to hitting the back button, and abandoning a full shopping cart due to frustration). We take store development seriously, and will make sure your visitors are able to purchase what they need with ease. Please contact us in regards to setting up your store. Prices begin at only $2000, and our turnaround time is approx. 1 month depending on your requirements for a complete online store. Reach out to us today, and two weeks from now, your online store completed, and customers will be purchasing your products for you from your new online store.



IT & Cloud Consulting Services

If you’re not sure whether to take that final step, and transfer your business into the cloud, or, if you simply have any questions related to Information Technology, or perhaps you need to develop a strategy, contact our Professional team of consultants immediately. Not only can we assess your needs, and determine the solutions which would best suit those needs, we also have the ability to provide literally any IT service a small business could possibly have use for. Contact us today if you need advice from true professionals, and let TechMaster put you on track to success.




Aside from consulting, we also offer training in a very wide variety of IT, and digital marketing related verticals. We can teach you, or your employees, anything from Social Media Marketing, using all of the major social networks, or social bookmarking sites, to basic computer skills, or even video production. We also offer programs specifically designed for seniors, to make sure they get the extra support they need while navigating the often confusing world of technology. Lastly, we offer training for video production services, to help you create stunning, and powerful videos for your business (or for individuals).

All of our training programs are offered at a flat rate of $95/hour. We have the following programs available for you to choose from:

Website Development:
Suitable for people with or without prior experience or knowledge

Video Production:
For businesses, websites, or online marketing



Hardware & Software Store

If there are any software programs, or even physical hardware which your business requires, we’re able to provide this also . We have a massive variety of hardware and software available. Just select whatever you need, purchase it online, and it will be shipped to you directly. We’ll be able to advise you through our other services, if there are any items which you require, and you can purchase them directly from us, and have them arrive at your doorstep shortly thereafter. Take a moment to browse our store, and find whatever you may need for your business. We offer all the hottest technology, including tablets smartphones, as well as basic business necessities, such as computer stations, including monitors, keyboards, mice, printers, etc. Click Here to check out our store, because you’ll be surprised at how competitive our prices are.