TechMaster was founded with the vision of offering the highest level quality of Information Technology and digital marketing. In May of 2013, my current Technical Director and I realised that there was a severe lack of people online who truly understood how to properly market in a digital space, and we set out to be one of a minority of companies who actually know how to get results in this competitive space.

TechMaster was founded with a combined 20+ years of experience in the space. Both my Technical Director and I got our education from one of the most well-respected universities in Sydney, and both degrees are in the Information Technology field. We maintain that high level of quality which was imparted to us through our education those many years ago.

Technology has both changed and evolved significantly since then, and with it, digital marketing, as followed suit. TechMaster has made it a point to follow the times, and provide both the tried and true forms of digital marketing (such as websites, e-mail marketing, etc.) as well as delve into the complex and cutting edge technology (such as Mobile Apps, SEO, E-Publication, and more). This gives us a wide variety of services which combine the best marketing techniques of today, with the most tried and true techniques of times past.

Our business is dedicated to growing long-term, profitable business relationships with our clients, and by extension, we want to help you build profitable long-term business relationships with your own clients, customers, partners, and affiliates.

We like to offer services with a more personal touch… tailored to your own business needs. Most companies provide “one size fits all” type packages, but we strive to make sure there’s room to customise our packages to your requirements. We look forward to discussing your business’s needs with you, and helping you to find out what you need to succeed.

Browse through our site, and Contact Us today, so we can provide the fuel to propel your business to new heights. We look forward to making you into our next long-term, satisfied client.